5. Uneven


Uneven is a monthly planner that I designed with coding. This is my first interactive coding project using javascript. As audiences engage with the interface, lines drawn translate into an organic arrangement of numbers, representing each day of the month. This dynamic display, punctuated by random gaps, is more than just a design choice; it reflects the ebb and flow of time as experienced through the lens of personal experience.

Drawing inspiration from the fluidity of time, the design ethos behind Uneven embodies a departure from traditional rigidity. Instead of a perfect grid, the layout embraces asymmetry and imperfection. The lines that weave across the canvas are not mere dividers; they symbolize the inherent unpredictability of each day. By abandoning uniform spacing, the planner becomes a visual metaphor, reminding users that the length of a day is not defined solely by the ticking of a clock, but by the richness of experiences and the depth of focus.

Graphically, Uneven adopts a minimalist aesthetic with clean lines. The emphasis is on simplicity and usability, allowing users to immerse themselves in the planning process without distraction. Yet, amidst this minimalism, there is a sense of dynamism, a feeling that the planner is alive and responsive to the user's input.

Uneven is more than just a tool for organizing time and making plans; it is an expression of the fluidity and complexity of human experience. Through its unconventional design and interactive features, it invites users to reconsider their relationship with time, embracing the variability and richness that each day brings.