3. Capture the Invisible


From the Omnipresent project, I noticed that my grandfather loves to hang out and take photos of the nature. In his photos, there are trees and flowers, houses and field. But the wind remains an elusive subject, invisible to the camera’s lens and often only implied through the movement it imparts on the visible world. It is a force felt rather than seen, shaping our environment in ways that can only be indirectly captured through the bending of trees, the ripple of water, or the flutter of fabric.

In this program, I harness the essence of this invisible force in a way that photography alone cannot. This program enables users to visualize and interact with the wind as it dynamically transforms digital images. By entering images or text, participants activate a virtual wind that moves across the screen, using digital dots to sketch the contours of their input. This process not only captures the shape of the wind as it interacts with these elements but also renders the invisible visible, materializing the wind in a poetic and tangible form.