8. Awake


This is a data visualization poster dedicated to the complex world of sleep. Combining the concept of "liminality" with this project, we delve into a unique transitional phase within the human state of sleep. Sleep, as a daily, personal ritual, embodies a period where individuals transition through various stages, existing in a state that is largely invisible and intangible to the waking mind. This project aims to capture that elusive moment of transition that we could never observe on our own without the aid of technology.

By visualizing data related to dream time, REM sleep, and deep sleep duration, we not only bring to light the hidden rhythms of our nightly journeys but also celebrate the humble obedience to nature's cycles, following the prescribed forms of our biological conduct. Through this visualization, we highlight the liminality of sleep—a state of being betwixt and between waking and dreaming, where one's social status, roles, and everyday identity are momentarily dissolved, offering a glimpse into the profound and universal experience of being human.


In this abstract animation, we venture into the dream world, where spheres symbolize the fluidity and complexity of dreaming. Through their bouncing and echoing, these spheres capture the essence of dreams—constantly moving, overlapping, and resonating with one another. This piece is both a visual and auditory exploration, mirroring the surreal and indescribable nature of dreams. It reflect on the dreaming experience, offering a glimpse into the subconscious interplay of thoughts and emotions. This animation is an immersive journey into the essence of dreaming, showcasing its impact on our waking lives.