2. Omnipresent


Omnipresent is a project designed by me, my grandfather and his friends. Every day, I asked them to capture a moment thru the lens of a camera or distilled their feelings right into a unmarried sentence, encapsulating their thoughts, emotions, and reviews. These fragments of each day life, imbued with non-public significance, have been then tenderly crafted into posters, in which design and sentiment harmoniously converge.

Through these posters, we hope to not only showcase the skills of these individuals, but also to celebrate the richness of human experience and the bonds that unite us all. Some of them didn’t even know how to take a photo before I taught them. Over these months, I’ve received many one-second videos because they barely knew how to use the camera on their phones.

This undertaking is a testament to the iconic energy of creativity and network. It is an adventure of exploration, as these elderlys delve into the intricacies of photograph layout, coming across the myriad approaches wherein imagery and words can intertwine to convey a message or evoke an emotion. But greater than that, it is an possibility for personal expression and connection—a platform for sharing memories, views, and reminiscences.