6. The Poem of Me


The Poem of Me is a project that invites reflection on my own future as I navigate through life and grow older. Sometimes, thinking about aging makes me feel a bit lost and uncertain. We all age, but it's hard to imagine what the world, especially the world of design, will look like in the future. To help make sense of these thoughts, I continuously write down questions that come to mind. These start off simple and nonsense but gradually become deeper and more significant as I reflect more.

I use a kite as the medium for my poster because I see envisioning the future as similar to kite flying. You can't let the string go too slack, ignoring future possibilities, nor can you grip it too tightly, holding on too tight might lead to overwhelming worry and leave many questions unanswered, causing me to miss out on the joys and beauty of the present.

I write all these questions on the tail of the kite, where they flutter and weave through the air, mingling with my thoughts. This represents how my queries about the future blend with the reality of the present. As these written words trail behind the kite, they form a visual poem—not just about what's to come, but celebrating and acknowledging the moments I am living right now. This project is my way of balancing thoughts about tomorrow with the experiences of today, creating a harmony between anticipation and appreciation.