1. Eng(aging)

In this rapidly evolving digital era, humans have become visual creatures surrounded by a variety of aesthetics. However, within my surroundings, there is a group of individuals seemingly abandoned by design trends. Throughout my career in design, I have come to realize that the elderly are swiftly being replaced by fresh blood, struggling to keep up with the waves of design.

My grandfather is one such individual. His daily encounters with design are limited to newspapers and advertising pamphlets. Many times, he has asked me about what graphic design entails, and I have found it challenging to give him a clear verbal response. This motivates me to start these projects, aiming to blend the art created by his hands with my understanding of design and aesthetics. I aspire to showcase the transformative power of graphic design by integrating his daily thoughts and memories into captivating posters and digital art, thereby redefining perceptions of aging.

Drawing inspiration from my grandfather’s experiences, these projects delve into the personal narratives of the elderly, exploring how graphic design can become a vibrant link in preserving and sharing the rich tapestry of individual stories. By fusing the unnoticed artistry of the elderly with my design perspective, these projects seek to bridge the gap between generations, emphasizing the potential of graphic design to transcend age barriers and contribute to a more inclusive and interconnected society.