9. Under the Eaves


Under the Eaves explores the intricate artistry of traditional Chinese roof structures. I got inspired by the evocative streets of Chinatown and the majestic authenticity of ancient Chinese pavilions, the project seeks to bridge the differences in Western and Eastern perspectives on Chinese architecture and culture. It also explores the time-honored techniques and philosophical principles that underpin these architectural marvels.

To enrich this project, I embarked on a unique journey that involved a group of elderly enthusiasts who frequent parks. I engaged them in the process, asking them to capture numerous photos of ancient buildings. Their enthusiasm for the project was infectious, and they brought back a treasure trove of images featuring the exquisite eaves and rooftops of these structures. Many of these architectural elements are not only beautiful but are also imbued with stories and special meanings. This collaborative effort not only added depth to the project but also highlighted the community's connection to their architectural heritage. It was a fascinating process that bridged generations and deepened our appreciation for the intricate artistry of traditional Chinese roof structures.


This data visualization poster series is a narrative that unfolds the layered complexity of Chinese roof architecture. It delves into the symbolism, materials, and geometric precision that define these structures, bringing to light their significance in Chinese culture and their influence on contemporary design. By dissecting the components and construction methods, the poster reveals the ingenuity of ancient architects who, with limited resources, created structures of enduring beauty and strength.

Through this project, I want to offer a window into the soul of Chinese architectural philosophy, where every curve, color, and tile holds meaning.